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We have over 40 years' experience and expertise in the Life, Pensions, Savings and Investments market and pride ourselves on the individual attention that we can offer each of our clients. Whether you are looking for Mortgage Protection, Term Assurance, Whole of Life Cover, Income Protection, Serious Illness or more tailored protection products we have a range of policies available with advice given on a fail analysis basis. As an independent insurance broker F.W.E. Crowe Insurance will work with a number of different insurers to get the best cover for you.
When was the last time you sought an alternative premium for your life/ Mortgage Protection Policy (rates have decreased over the years)?
When was the last time your Pension Provider contacted you personally to discuss your needs, when you wish to retire, your options at retirement, your tax free lump sum entitlements?
This is all part of our service to our client. So, remember, it just takes a phone call.

Among the services we offer on a Free Consultation basis are:

  • Pension advice
  • Investment advice
  • Review of any Existing Policies in place
  • Total Comprehensive Family Financial Review.
  • This will take around 90 mins and must be booked by appointment

    Thank you for quoting with F.W.E. Crowe Insurance, we will revert to you within 24 hours with your quote.x